Sophie’s Fish

Design of the Picture Book

by A.E. Cannon (who loves Cheetos and Oreos!) and Lee White (who loves to bike, I think?!)

I really think artists might be some of the coolest people out there. (Some might say just plain ‘out there,’ but that’s neither here nor there. Nor anywhere.)

What? Where were we?!

When I saw Lee’s illustrations come through my email inbox, I seriously got whiplash from how fast my jaw hit the floor. His art has a charm that swept me off my feet and rendered me speechless for a moment or two.

Not a usual occurrence.

Sophie’s Fish explores all the things that just might happen if you get asked to babysit a fish. Hysterical. Hysterical!

The compositions are gorgeous. The textures leap off the page. The colors are snappy but soft. The whole thing? Is perfect.

Like this spread…

The sidewalk creates intersecting and interesting lines which gives such life and…

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cinta hanyalah halaman depan, dari sebuah cerita tentang penderitaan panjang dan menyakitkan.. 

cinta itu sekedar kata-kata tanpa fakta,, cerita cinta hanya ada dalam dongeng rama dan sinta..

fiktif, imajinasi, gak relatif, so’ dramatis, hedonis, selalu membuat orang optimis dan suatu yang gak logis,, itulah cinta,,

hal maya yang dianggap nyata..

cinta itu gak lebih dari perasaan sementara yang terasa seakan selamanya..

cinta itu petaka bila datang diantara persahabatan ..

dan cinta itu perusak bila hadir dalam jalinan cinta yang lain..